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Middle term rental apartments in Warsaw

We used to split the real estate market into three segments: short term rental, middle term rental and log term rental.

  1. Short term rental is typically from 1 day up to 2 weeks. The booking is usually online, very often on very popular services like booking.com or airbnb.com. The guest pay a fee per day like in a normal hotel. It is a perfect option for tourists or business travellers.
  2. Long term rental is typically from six months up to many years. The fee per months is obviously lower but the tenant is paying all fee for energy, water etc.

For those who need to stay from 2 weeks up to 6 months we provide a middle term rental Warsaw, perfect option for digital nomads, business travellers, people working on a short term projects etc.


Short Term rental advantages

  • all our apartments are fully equipped
  • we offer comfortable mattresses and a clean and fresh bedclothes and towels
  • the kitchen is fully equipped, you can prepare breakfast, supper or even lunch and dinner
  • what's very important for 99% of our guests - we offer a high-speed Wi-Fi
  • finally you can feel "like at home". Short term rental Warsaw is a good choice!

How much it costs?

Middle term rental Warsaw is a perfect solution for companies as well as people coming to Warsaw for a longer time.

If you delegate your employee to Warsaw for a longer period of time, we would suggest the middle term rental. If you'd like to know to final cost please contact us directly - the price varies depending on the rental period, the additional services (like cleaning, the frequency of changing bedclothes and towels etc.). Invoice per request. You are welcome!


Studio Warszawa

The equipment

fast Wi-Fi up to 100 mB/s

Smart TV + cable TV

iron and ironing board

shoe spounge and a stewing kit

soup, shampoo, hair dryer

espresso machine, microwave

place for work - desk + armchair

coffee, tea, whit and brown sugar, sweetener

toaster, kettle, fridge

groceries on request

Invoices on request, we accept credit cards and banking transfers, our returning guests can benefit from additional services!


Are you a business traveller? Are you looking for an accommodation in Warsaw?

Do you like comfort and a beauty of the Old Town? Do you want to relax? You are bored with a glass of the sky scrappers? Check out our apartments and finally feel like at home!

Middle term apartments in the Warsaw city centre!

The best solution for business travellers!